Performance Reviews
“First violinist Kate Stenberg’s throaty lyricism was sensuous and affecting”  Langert- San Francisco Classical Voice

“…perhaps none of the music made as elegant and incisive an impression as the opening selection, Sculthorpe’s violin-piano duo … played with crisp directness.”  Kosman - San Francisco Chronicle

"Hearing Stenberg’s recorded violin unerringly match her tangy timbre, sonorous in the low range … was a special delight ... stunning.”  Serinus - San Francisco Classical Voice

"Stenberg’s careful pacing captured the singing phrases of Crawford’s musical language wonderfully … capping off a superb performance.”   Wilkes - San Francisco Classical Voice

"…full brigades charge, sweeping though many of the evening’s harmonic underpinnings with a skill worthy of the masters... Insightful musicianship by both pianist and violinist. Phew!”   Bartlett - Pacifica Tribune

CD Reviews (violin/piano duo with Eva-Maria Zimmermann)
Scenes From a New Music Séance   2012
“On this beautifully produced CD, the excellent duo offers a sampling …The disc begins with a winningly ghostly tone…Then it’s into a variety of mid 20th century Americana winding up with the brilliant high comedy of Amy X Neuberg. The duo plays all of them with tenderness and high spirits.”   Kosman - San Francisco Chronicle

"This is a great find, an album of modern music with much to offer … The duo is not only first-rate technically but get under the skin of the music … (and) grabs the listener’s attention from start to finish.”   Bayley - Fanfare Magazine

“Stenberg and Zimmerman give their all to each of the composers represented …”   Smoliar - San Francisco Examiner

CD Reviews (with Del Sol String Quartet)
Scrapyard Exotica   2015
“I could be wrong, but I’m guessing it’s been a while since you’ve rocked out to a string quartet recording. See if your foot can stay still once you put on this funky disc of rhythmically infectious (if often warped) music.- New York Times

Sculthorpe: The Complete String Quartets with Didjeridu   2014
“The wistful and elegiac music sometimes skirts the border of sentimentality, but the tonal beauty of the four string instruments, anchored by the otherworldly burr of the didgeridoo, create a hypnotic sound world well worth exploring.”  Fonseca-Wollheim - New York Times

Robert Erickson - Complete String Quartets   2014
“... visceral rhythmic excitement … What could be a dry piece is lifted off the page by the passionate advocacy of the Del Sol Quartet, who bring accuracy and tonal refinement to the music … 5 stars”  Cotton - BBC Music magazine

“This is a highly welcome set of music from a too-little known composer, with excellent performances by the Del Sol Quartet."  Avant Music News

Zia  2013
“Del Sol’s playing is lush and sonically balance, with a rhythmic propulsion that remains quick off the mark.”  Smith - Gramophone Magazine

“… robust, finely blended ensemble playing, rhythmic alertness and a fearless willingness to take on a wide range of contemporary repertoire.”   Kosman - San Francisco Chronicle

First Life: Marc Blitzstein   2009
“Excellent performance of the Del Sol Quartet.”  Eisler - Strings Magazine

“The Del Sol Quartet does excellent work in keeping the meandering lines a cohesive whole; getting the balance right between long, romantic lines and a chugging propulsive beat.”   Laurson - Classical WETA

Ring of Fire   2008
“The San Francisco based Del Sol Quartet are master’s of all musical things they survey on this disc, playing with a combination of ferocious attack, riveting interplay and silken splendour.”    Rosenberg - Gramophone Magazine

George Antheil: The Complete Works for String Quartet   2005
“The Del Sol Quartet proves they can dish out Antheil’s melancholic episodes with the necessary half-baked slant….The quartet does a valiant job contending with the tried and true classical gestures and the composer’s off-kilter idiosyncrasies, navigating through all the postholes unscathed.” RN - New Music Box)“It is clear that Antheil’s music speaks to them, and they seem to understand it thoroughly….this quartet is able to “hear” his visionary voice very clearly and now we can too.”   Fine - American Record Guide

Tear   2002
“…one of the most riveting performances of Ruth Crawford Seegar’s music I have ever heard…The Quartet sell(s) it all, making a strong case for the breadth and depth, and yes, joy, of music of the here and now!”   FJO - New Music Box